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Fresh from the garden to the kitchen

Energy balls – for picnic lunches

homemade energy balls

On July 17, 2018 By Rebecca Field


We started to make these earlier this year according to Ella’s recipe, but you can vary it somewhat. We have never used Medjool dates as they are out of the budget for us – we just add a wee bit more water to moisten the mixture so it binds together. We have also made them with ordinary cocoa powder as we were not aiming to have completely dairy and gluten free snacks to begin with.

Almond and Chia Energy Bites

Makes at least 20 balls

Original recipe which we have tweaked came from Deliciously Ella (Ella Woodward)

1 mug almonds

2 mugs chopped, stoned dates

4 tablespoons cacao powder

2 tbs almond butter

2 tbs coconut oil

2 tbs chia seeds


Start by putting the almonds in a food processor and whiz for about 30 seconds until they are nicely crushed.

Add the dates and all the other ingredients and at least 2 tbs water. Blend again until everything is perfectly mixed together.

Roll and mix into balls

Place the balls in the freezer to set or to store. After 1 hour you can remove and store in an airtight container in the fridge

I’ll probably make a batch or two of these to take on our trip to New Zealand as they do travel well and keep really well too – but as I’m not sure if they’ll pass the immigration checks I will try not to take them through customs, just for the extremely long journey down to Heathrow.

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