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Fraoch Lodge & The Cairngorms National Park

10 free activities to do in the snow

winter skills in scotland

On February 11, 2019 By Rebecca Field

Family activities in the snow

The snow’s arrived – now what? – part 1

I’ve never been able to understand the attraction of skiing, or even less snow boarding, but this is probably because I’ve never become proficient at either. I don’t think one day’s introduction on the slopes outside Christchurch, New Zealand was ever going to be enough. Now though, I live on the outskirts of one of Scotland’s busiest ski resorts, where the snow lasts the longest and still I don’t go skiing. Most guests assume that I can’t wait to head out on the snow with skis, but though I think snow is glorious and the mountains here are at their best when encased in snow, I would rather do some winter hiking or sledging. Even if you don’t ski, the Aviemore area has plenty to offer in the way of snowsports and will soon be able to offer more – if the proposed ice rink arrives.


Free snow activities

  1. Build a snowman – this is not always a huge success, depending on the type of snow which has fallen. Sometimes it just won’t stick together, but it is a sure fire winner of an activity if you have any kids. Mind you, even if you don’t have kids; it can still be fun!
  2. Make footprints – great fun in the snow, especially if you haven’t done it before. Always fun the first time – especially if you make sure you’re wearing waterproof footwear like wellies or snow boots. Of course, the kids will want to stay out for far too long and get absolutely freezing cold, Make sure you have the makings of a hot chocolate ready, or else you’re near a great cafe for a treat.
  3. Dig a snow maze – much more fun than just clearing the snow and can always be used as an enticement to get your drive cleared.
  4. Snow ball fight – a winner every time, but be careful packing those balls, you don’t want to get any grit or stones in them.
  5. Snow angels – full on waterproofs a must to make snow angels
  6. Identify animal tracks
  7. Create an igloo or a fort – a lot of hard work, but not anywhere near the challenge of a full on snow hole expedition
  8. Go sledging – the gold driving range on the edge of Boat of Garten makes a great free beginner’s slope. We’ll give you directions if you’re staying at Fraoch Lodge. If you want more of a challenge, or don’t have your own sledge head up on to Cairngorm where they have a sledging area but you have to use their sledges.
  9. Paint the snow – snow graffiti what a challenge and on such a large canvas.
  10. Snow sculptures or noughts and crosses – snow is a great medium for crafting/creating, just like sand.

Useful links:

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Next week: Snow – alternatives to skiing

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