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When are the huskies in Aviemore?

When are the huskies in Aviemore?

On February 11, 2019 By Rebecca Field

When are the huskies in Aviemore?

When are the huskies in Aviemore?

Sled dog meet in Aviemore during January


Husky races in Aviemore, what a sight!

when are the sled dogs in Aviemore?

Preparing the dogs to race on the tracks at Glenmore

When are the huskies in Aviemore? Will there be snow?

There’s a regular husky meet in Aviemore and it takes place in January every year. In 2017, it will take place at the end of the month. Unfortunately the snow can not always be relied upon to be covering the tracks in Glenmore, but the teams come prepared. The race has been taking place in Aviemore since 1984. 2017 will signify the 34th meet. It is now the biggest event in the UK for sled dog teams.

From an original core of 12 teams the event has grown until these days it attracts around 1000 sled dogs and 250 mushers (mushers ride the sleds). The races are between 4 and 7 miles long and involve teams of 2 – 8 dogs. There are also children’s races. The mushers themselves can range in age from 8 to 60.

Along with the Siberian Huskies, race dogs include Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyeds, Greenland Dogs and Canadian Eskimo Dogs.


We’ll be heading along to see the huskies in Glenmore this weekend and sharing our experiences on Facebook. Will we see you there?

When are the huskies in Aviemore?

Petting the huskies during the Sled Dog rally in Glenmore, Aviemore

Don’t forget even if you can’t make it for the races this January, you can always head along to the Cairngorm Sled Dog Centre in Glenmore to experience a dog sled run yourself. The sled dog centre is the only daily sled dog centre in the UK and one of only 5 in Europe.

YOU MUST PRE-BOOK A SLED-DOG EXPERIENCE. Snow is not necessary but booking is essential. If you would like to incorporate a sled dog visit in your holiday package while at Fraoch Lodge please ask us to quote with your Get Off the Beaten Track package.

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