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Adventures in Scotland

Why go on walking holiday?

hiking in Assynt

On August 2, 2017 By Rebecca Field

Why go on a walking holiday?

A walking holiday can mean any kind of walking. It doesn’t have to include mountains – it could be along canal paths, across moorland, along beaches, but what the majority of walking holidays have in common is that they take place in the countryside. You can get your fix of fresh air, exercise and views of trees and greenery. You will probably find it  is much easier to exercise when you are enjoying some fabulous scenery. In fact, there are now movements in the gym industry to try and replicate the outdoor experience with virtual reality, but they’re not quite there yet.


hiking in Scotland

What a panorama! Skye eat your heart out.

What motivates you to go hiking or walking in the first place?


– you’re spoilt for choice here in Scotland – from gorgeous sandy beaches, to towering mountain peaks – there’s plenty to record on your camera

images of the Outer Hebrides

One of the local residents observes the tourists disdainfully from his/her comfy abode.


walking holiday

Looking out over the vast expanse of the Cairngorms National Park (Highlands of Scotland)


– We are being constantly encouraged to burn the calories and combat obesity and age. Walking is touted as one of the best ways to lose weight. It outranks both running and gym visits by a long way.

walking holiday

The benefits of walking far outweigh many other forms of exercising, including going to the gym.


– there are many opportunities for joining groups from rambling clubs to organised hiking companies. Alternatively you can take the opportunity to enjoy communing with nature and your own company. There are more than enough trails in Scotland to explore. Often you’ll rarely see another hiker, if you are prepared to get away from the honeypots. If you want to tick off the sights you have seen publicised on social media, you might find you’re joining a queue of other visitors. Certain spots are inundated with tourists particularly in the peak summer season. It is often difficult to park by the Old Man of Storr on Skye these days. Try joining a specialist hiking company who know all the secret highlights and can safely take you away from the crowds.

Hiking on the isle of Skye

The Trotternish ridge on the isle of Skye


– You don’t have to hike up mountains to see wildlife. There’s plenty to see in the forests, on the moorlands, around the lochs.  However, if you’re wanting to spot some of the more elusive species it could well be useful to book a guide familiar with the local area. They will probably know a lot about the best spots to see all the local wildlife highlights.

discover the Cairngorms

Discover the Cairngorms in all their natural glory.


– There’s a fascination to the outdoors that draws a huge number of people to explore their natural surroundings. We can be inspired by all sorts of things from TV (David Attenborough, Steve Backshall or Dr Iain Stewart) to movies to flower shows. Nature is endlessly fascinating and when you go walking you get to be up close and personal with it. You can study all kinds of wierd and wonderful plants and landscapes. You’ll constantly wonder how they came to be shaped the way they are – there’s usually a logical reason.

Harris hiking

Colours of the machair sand dunes in the Hebrides


– We’re probably all hoping that this one doesn’t apply to us, but there are cases where doctors actually recommend that their clients take up walking for the benefit of their health.


There are many reasons to go on a walking holiday, not least of which is that it is fun! A walking break of any kind can be completely rejuvenating. It will send you back to work feeling like you have had twice as much holiday time as you actually had.

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