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Local Jacobite stories

First snow of the winter at the end of November, signalled a chance to search for a new Jacobite site locally. Andy had been reading up on local legends and discussing the sites mentioned with local landowners. He was determined to find another Jacobite hideout used by our local hero and Jacobite legend, John Roy Stuart.

John Roy Stuart was a leader and advisor in the Jacobite army of 1745. He was very close to Bonnie Prince Charlie. If you visit Culloden Battlefield, you’ll find several mentions of him both in the visitor centre and out on the battlefield itself. There is a small memorial to him on the back road to Coylumbridge but it is easily overlooked.

After reading “In the Shadow of Cairngorm” by William Forsyth and speaking to Lynn of Lynbreck Croft, we were all set to explore on the edges of the croft.

We tempted out a friend and the rest of the family with a promise of a visit to the Christmas Cairngorm Farmers market in Grantown, followed by a short walk. We duly filled up on delicious local produce then headed out to find:

” In a wild, lone gorge at the foot of the cliff, shaded by birches and hazel, there still lies a smooth slab, under which he used to shelter. There, wrapped in his plaid, with his broad-sword by his side, he would lie, with the bracken for his bed and the music of the brook for his lullaby.”

Did we succeed?

jacobite stories

Heading down to find the slab which might have been a hideout.


Jacobite stories

Maybe? Or Maybe not? Is this the hideout?


Jacobite stories

At least we had a lovely sunset to enjoy


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