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Autumn in Assynt

2016 heralded the return of our Empty Quarter hiking vacation, this year based from Ullapool. It was also our second visit to the area in 2 months (September was our month for Torridon). If you were ever in any doubt for reasons to head north of Inverness, check these out as inspiration for 2017 and beyond. Perhaps the North Coast 500 is beckoning you or would you rather explore on foot…

It’s easy for us to take this kind of scenery and the opportunity to get out and explore it for granted. One of the advantages of living where we do, only 30 minutes south of Inverness, is that it is possible for us to pop up north for a weekend and feast our eyes on such refreshing vistas as these. If you’re coming from further afield you probably want to consider spending longer in the area, in which case the Empty Quarter trip could be better suited to you. (If you don’t want to take our word for it, read our reviews.)

Top 20 images from a trip full of amazing views and fabulous people:

Grey seal

1. Grey seal watching us in hope of scraps

mountains of scotland

2. Stac Pollaidh, Assynt, Scotland – north of Inverness

mountains of Scotland

3. Who said Scotland didn’t really have mountains?


Scottish coastline

4. Stunning scenery from the Scottish coastline

autumn colours

5. The colours of autumn in the north of Scotland

Autumn in Scotland

6. Autumn reflections in Assynt (Northern Scotland)

HIking in Scotland (Assynt)

7. Heading up the ridge, Assynt (Scotland)

lochs and mountains Scotland

8. Spectacular Scottish coastline, Assynt (Scotland)

your guide

9. Your guide showing off his balance skills

autumn light

10. Stunning light and cloud formations, October 2016 (Assynt, Scotland)


11. Autumn light and hills in Assynt

autumn in Scotland

12. Stunning scenery, perfect light and amazing clouds (Assynt, Scotland)

sunset in Scotland

13. Sunset over the west coast of Scotland

hiking in Assynt

14. Hikers descending from a long day’s hike in the Assynt area (Scotland)

lonely hiker

15. Standing proud on the ridge while walking in Assynt

autumn sunset, Assynt (Scotland)

16. Perfect autumn sunset scenery and light while walking in Assynt, Scotland

autumn in Scotland

17. Stunning panorama taken while walking in Assynt


18. Striding across the stunning landscape in Assynt (Scotland)


19. There’s something very soothing and spectacular to the eye in the combination of coast and mountain in the same shot, taken while walking in Assynt


20. Moody mountains in Assynt (Scotland) – who would believe that most of them are less than 1000m high?

The Empty Quarter 2017 – walking in Assynt

(currently a group only itinerary)

If you’ve been inspired by the photos, why not join us next year all you need is a couple of other friends (min. group of 4) then give us a call to settle on dates. The sooner you can get organised, the sooner we can get something set for you. We will guarantee the price on our website for your group, except for dates in high summer (mid July to end August).



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