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10 Easter holiday ideas

Have you had any Easter holiday ideas yet? Thinking about the Easter holidays this year, it’s a wee bit of an awkward time – so early in the Spring season. It’s still an opportunity for some winter sports, but spring is on its way. If you’re travelling up to the Cairngorms National Park for this Easter holiday here are some ideas you might want to consider:

Adventures in the Cairngorms

1.Highland Wilderness Glamping Adventure – 

Embark on a journey like never before, where the breathtaking Highland landscape becomes your playground! Picture this: hiking alongside  Highland ponies during the day, and as the sun sets, indulge in the comfort of hot tent wild camping.

Experience our exclusive hot tent camping setup amidst the wilderness. Your little adventurers will be thrilled to walk alongside these magnificent ponies, creating memories that will last a lifetime. But the excitement doesn’t end there!

Prepare to be amazed as we venture off the grid, offering you and your family hot showers and sit-down toilets even amidst the remotest locations. Traverse through the spectacular Caledonian pine woods, pass by serene lochs, and be greeted by panoramic views of Cairngorm peaks.

Join us for a UK first – an adventure that combines the thrill of hiking, the magic of wild camping, and the joy of bonding with ponies. Pack Horse Supported Adventure is your ticket to an unforgettable family escapade in the heart of Scotland’s wilderness. Book now and let the adventure begin! 🏞🐴🌲


2. Snowhole Expedition –

Safely experience a night out in the winter hills. Construct your own snow shelter (not an igloo) with the Cairngorms most experienced snow hole builder. Andy has constructed 3 – 5 snow holes every year for over 20 years. He has refined his technique to such an extent that he has never had a single one collapse on him, and he’s never had to retreat due to lack of snow. He’s only once ever had to retreat, and that was due to the strength of the wind.

Contact Andy for a private quotation

Snow Hole Expedition

Digging in for a night out on the mountain.

3. Join Scot Mountain Holidays on a summit hike

We run fully inclusive guided walking holidays but we are also available for smaller personal hikes if you just want to explore briefly and safely in the countryside.

Enquire here.


walking in the Highlands

Posing amid the grandeur of the Cairngorms scenery

4. Meet the locals

a Highland Coo, a reindeer, a pine marten or a red deer. What a choice of wildlife experiences. If there are any Young Wildlife explorers in your family, then they’ll be spoilt for choice. Let us put together a full range of choices for you from sheep dog trials to the Wildlife Park or dusk wildlife watching opportunities. Feed the deer/the reindeer of the Coos. Spot the red squirrels in the forest. Get the binoculars out to see the Ospreys or the cute, wee crested tits with their tiny punk hairdos.

Contact us for an itinerary/best advice on where to go while you’re here.

self-guided walking in the Highlands

If you’re lucky you’ll pass the wee herd of Heelan Coo next to the road for a photo shoot.

Red Squirrel amongst branches

The Scottish red squirrel, photographed in the Boat of Garten woods.

5. Total whisky experience

visit Speyside Cooperage and a distillery of your choice. If you’re up a wee bit early you might catch the free distillery tour at Dalwhinnie Distillery. If you’d like a full-on whisky experience tour, including the intricacies of producing a malt whisky and where to go if you’re a whisky expert. Read our blogs

Scot Mountain Holidays can also offer a whisky day out or a tour based on Mountains and Malts if you want.

whisky tour

A cooper hard at work repairing casks at the Speyside Cooperage


6. Climb a Munro 

There are a huge number of Munros accessible from Fraoch Lodge. There are Munros to climb almost from the doorstep in the Cairngorms National Park. You can also use Fraoch Lodge as your base and venture further afield. However, with Ben Macdui (2nd highest in Scotland) and Braeriach (3rd highest in Scotland), you shouldn’t need to travel far for a good workout. Do make sure you put your safety first though. This year (2018) with Easter being so early and a good covering of snow remaining, it would be a good idea to either take a local guide or make sure you have refreshed your snow skills before you venture into the hills. Contact us for a private guiding or instruction booking.

walking in Scotland

The hikers in the sunshine deep in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park (more snow than most of January). Taken April/May 2017.

7. Take the kids on an outdoor treasure hunt (geocaching) – Easter holiday ideas for the kids

you could extend this by setting up your own cache or trail. The Easter egg hunt is always the favourite part of Easter for us in our household; far above the egg consumption. We have been known to hide the eggs more than once!

Rebecca is currently doing an online course in how to create gourmet chocolates so you could really elevate your Easter at Fraoch Lodge!


8. Check out the canoeing and kayaking or wild swimming

on Loch Morlich or Loch Insh, providing the ice has melted

Also – since we first published this list there’s been a massive growth in wild swimming. There’s no shortage of places to go around here from the Lochs mentioned above to the River Spey. There’s almost a dook around every corner! Check out or invest in the Wild Swimming guide book before you get here.

9. Go skiing

Bear in mind that snow sports could well be on offer at Easter on Cairngorm Mountain though we are still without the funicular for uplift. The team at Cairngorm Mountain are doing their best to offer

10. Enjoy an adrenaline rush

on the amazing Zip Line operated by G2 outside Aviemore (transfers available if required).

Contact us for any further details of things to do in the area or to plan your own trip, based from Fraoch Lodge, book your accommodation here.


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