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A Sense of Place & Belonging

Walking Holidays, Cycling and Adventure in Scotland!

There's no other place in the world we've discovered which can offer more to someone who enjoys exploring. When you're not familiar with a country or even a particular area, you can waste a lot of time trying to find out the information you need. Booking a guide for your first experience at least will open up the opportunity for unique memories and experiences which might otherwise remain hidden.

Enjoy delicious local food on holiday in Scotland

Scotland has the most amazing abundance of natural produce. In coastal areas you must sample the seafood from squat lobsters to smoked salmon. In the countryside you'll pass sheep and cattle in the fields, from Aberdeen Angus to the classic hairy coo and fields upon fields of luscious fruit. We use all of this in our menus and choose the restaurants we visit carefully to reflect the high quality of Scottish fare.

Experience the beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife on a walking holiday in Scotland

We moved to the Scottish Highlands over 16 years to run our business. No other company quite allows you to “get under the skin” of the beautiful scenery, rich culture and abundant wildlife of this superb country of Scotland. On a Scot Mountain Holidays trip you’re quite literally “living with the locals”.

Our hiking vacations in Scotland provide a sense of place and belonging

This winning mixture of adventure, great home food and homely hospitality are the fertile ground of camaraderie, kinship and frequently new friendships. Guests often leave with a sense of place and belonging, and vowing to maintain their elevated standard of living!

So come and join us for a wonderful adventure on our walking holidays Scotland.

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