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Hungry Hikers – Winter Menu Recommendations (January)

On February 9, 2016 By Rebecca Field In menu ideas

We enjoy food and love to make the most of what we can find around and about our garden, in the woods etc. We do have to supplement what we have – our garden isn’t big enough for us and all our guests, when they choose to eat with us; but we do like to try different combinations. When we find something we especially like, we do repeat it and share what we like the best.


Every month I’m going to add one summary blog sharing the best menus we’ve experimented with and if you’d like me to add any of the recipes, you have only to ask. We’ll also try to indicate which recipes we’ve used are suitable for gluten free diets or vegetarians or slimmers. We hope these menu options will help to inspire you and give you some ideas of new things to try. All recipes have been tried and tested. If you’d like full recipes just let us know. We have tried to keep the blog limited to menu ideas with a few web links for those recipes we found online.


Menu inspiration: follow your imagination

Lunch time soups:

Carrot and Cardamom soup with home made seeded granary bread (New Covent Garden Soups)

3 -2 – 1 soup – tomato, baked beans and carrots – Slimmers World

Frozen pea soup with lasagne crisps and home made seeded granary bread – River Cottage

Winter minestrone – inspired by Riverford Farm

Chickpea soup – inspired by River Cottage

Very Green Soup – inspired by River Cottage

Tomato Soup – inspired by Hairy Dieters

Golden Vegetable Soup – inspired by Hairy Dieters

Winter lunch at Fraoch Lodge


Soup alternatives

Tuna salad with home made pitta bread – store cupboard and imagination recipe. Any combination of tuna, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, capers, olives, lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, sultanas, & spinach

Potato, apple and cheese casserole – inspired by Riverford Farm

After the soup:

Light weight Chocolate Chip muffins with toffee apple ice cream – inspired by Lorraine Pascale

Angel cake with apple and raisin compote and spiced toffee apple jam – inspired by Sophie Grigson

Caramel Apple ice cream – probably my favourite ice cream ever, so much so that we have stocked the freezer up with enough to last us for months Strawberry ice cream – River Cottage or Good Food

Dinner options:

“Make it up” beef and haggis burgers with sprinkled potato wedges, peas and carrots and homemade green tomato chutney on the side – imagination recipe inspired by some left over haggis

Thai Green Curry (GF) – inspired by Nigel Slater

Vegetarian Pad Thai (V) (GF) – inspired by Leslie Waters

Chicken Curry (slimmers version) – inspired by Hairy Dieters

Meatloaf with tomato sauce and spiced oven chips – inspired by Woman and Home

Lentil Loaf with roast red pepper sauce (V) not vegan

Baking additions

Apple Pie Slices – particularly good as packed lunch goodies. Downloaded from the internet but I can’t find the recipe now. Fodder for another blog I think as they are particularly good and hold up well to being jostled in a rucksack.

Apfelstrudel – inspired by Joanne Field (family recipe)- good as a dessert or tea cake but a bit crumbly for packed lunches

Sticky Toffee Apple Puddings –http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/501984/bramley-apple-and-sticky-toffee-puds this is the recipe we used but in a web search we came across this one:http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/sticky_toffee_apple_82973 which will have to be added to the file to try with our next apple harvest.

Chocolate meringues

Winter lunch at Fraoch Lodge

Recipe Sources we’ve found useful:


River Cottage: Veg and Light and Easy

Hairy Dieters: Book 1 and Book 3

Sophie Grigson – Feasts for a Fiver



Good Food website: www.bbcgoodfood.com Always a good resource for a recipe you didn’t know you wanted to make.

Lavender & Lovage – www.lavenderandlovage.com – particularly useful for 5:2 ideas

My cooking gallery:http://mycookinggallery.blogspot.co.uk/2010/10/caramel-apple-ice-cream.html

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