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walking guide

Top 10 winter skills tips

Published by Rebecca Field December 12, 2018

Your ultimate guide to safe winter walking Andy Bateman has instructed and guided for over 20 winter seasons in Scotland’s uncompromising mountains in the Cairngorms and beyond. […]

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What’s all the fuss about Tweed?

Published by Rebecca Field September 13, 2018

Can you imagine hiking or mountaineering in a Tweed suit? That’s how they used to do it.  Here is an image of Sir Hugh Munro […]

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Cairngorm reindeer herd

At your wit’s end? Present ideas for hikers who have everything

Published by Rebecca Field December 20, 2017

It’s that time of year again. Stress galore because you can’t think what to get for the hiker in your family. They have socks overflowing […]

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winter in the Cairngorms

Cold v mobile phone

Published by Rebecca Field December 14, 2017

Tips for the winter season: How to protect your phone from the cold The picture above was taken on a phone. We are all heavily […]

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winter sunset Cairngorms

I’m in my 50s but have never been winter walking before. What are the pitfalls I should be aware of?

Published by Rebecca Field November 1, 2017

Walking in winter Walking comes in many different guises from dog walking to marathon walking. Perhaps then there’s a reason why “hiking” is becoming much […]

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gear for hiking

How to prevent cold hands while hiking

Published by Rebecca Field August 23, 2017

Cold Hands? A complementary strategy Having cold hands should not be potentially fatal, but can make a day out in the hills quite a feat […]

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Hiking in the Highlands

10 top tips: preparing for a hiking challenge

Published by Rebecca Field June 28, 2017

10 top tips for hiking: How to prepare for a Scottish hiking challenge (updated) The challenge of hiking in Scotland can be underestimated. Below we’ve […]

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when to come to the cairngorms

Top tips for Winter Walking

Published by Rebecca Field January 18, 2017

  Winter is a time where people retreat inside and exercise unfortunately takes a backseat. Well not at Scot Mountain Holidays! With the gorgeous Scottish […]

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Walking holiday in Scotland

5 top tips: Getting ready for winter

Published by Rebecca Field November 16, 2016

Be prepared – the additional gear for winter walking It’s now middle of November and winter in our mountains is knocking at our door. As the Atlantic […]

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walking holidays Scotland

What we hike in

Published by Rebecca Field October 26, 2016

It’s all about the gear for hiking Scotland Whether you are caught in a white-out, needing to navigate trails or provide emergency first aid, it […]

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